What This Website Means to Me

Hey, I’m Carolyn. I began this page with the intention of helping people with their financial needs. It was always a goal of mine to create something that could help people, but I was never really sure what I wanted to do exactly. However, the idea to start this website started when I wanted to learn about business. I felt “stuck” with money. I wanted to know more, but I just didn’t know what was out there. I knew that I didn’t want a 9-5. I knew that from a young age. I just had no idea how to start. What questions can you ask when you haven’t really been taught much? So I researched and researched, reading countless books and watching way too many Youtube videos. I drew from other people’s expertise, people that were in control of incomes, and together they helped me develop a new perspective on finances.

I’m still learning, but you can learn with me.